Umpf is a multi award-winning consumer PR agency and a top ten UK social media agency.

The original PR & social media agency

Umpf is a multi-award-winning consumer PR agency and a top ten UK social media agency.

We currently hold five ‘Agency of the Year’ awards (see video, right), including Outstanding PR Consultancy 2015 and Social Media Agency of the Year 2015 (see more in Awards).

Established in 2009, we were one of the original PR and social media agencies in the UK.

We are a trusted agency that delivers exceptional results. We are fleet-of-foot, responsive, proactive and creative. We have a can-do, make-it-happen ethos.

Conversations, communities, interactions and relationships, are as important to us as the ink of media coverage. So we deliver clever, creative campaigns across traditional, digital and social media channels.

At the heart of what we do – whether it’s PR or social media – you’ll typically find a brilliant idea.


Our work is delivered by people who care about your business. PR and social media professionals who are intelligent, thoughtful and, we hope, fun to work with.

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Partner PR Agencies

We partner strategically with complementary PR agencies to give us specialist consultancy.

For business-to-business PR in the UK we work with The Right Agency, an award-winning, dedicated B2B agency.


In Australia we work with Agency North a PR and communications agency with offices in Brisbane and Melbourne.

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