Stoves: Made In Britain

The Brief

Kitchen appliance brand Stoves had a manufacturing presence in the UK, but it decided to bring manufacture of all of its cooking appliances back to this country. With 100% of manufacturing restored to Britain, we were tasked with developing a national PR campaign to position Stoves as one of the UK’s leaders in British manufacturing.

Our Response

We created a campaign with punch and longevity and positioned Stoves as a champion of British manufacturing.

We knew that to create a credible campaign and to stand out as a voice on British manufacturing, the strategy needed to focus on:

* Creating on-going national media coverage
* Securing backing from other UK manufacturers and political support from an MP
* Positioning Stoves’ CEO as a ‘go-to’ spokesperson on Made in Britain
* Creating some online real estate i.e. positioning Stoves high in Google’s ranking for the search term ‘Made in Britain’

We undertook a piece of research looking at consumer understanding of ‘British’ brands which actually manufacture overseas. Central to this was a question about a marque to signify British-made goods. We launched the research with the Financial Times, below,  and then created a campaign around the public desire for a Made In Britain marque – as identified in the research.

We then partnered with The Designer Magazine to run a competition for designers at British universities to create a ‘Made in Britain’ logo.

This was then made available for qualifying companies to use free of charge when they applied to use it via the Stoves website (thus driving traffic to the Stoves website).

Made in Britain logo 300

Made in Britain Campaign Financial Times Umpf



Made in Britain Campaign Queens Award for Enterprise

•    1,000 companies signed up to use the marque
•    To date, over 380 pieces of heavyweight media coverage have been achieved including:

BBC News at Ten, Channel 4 News, Sky News, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4,  Financial Times, The Times, Daily Telegraph, Guardian, Daily Express, Daily Mirror, Daily Star, Daily Mail, BBC News online, 150+ regional dailies, plus influential sites such as Huffington Post, MSN and AOL.  Over 100 pieces in manufacturing, kitchen, electricals, marketing and design trade media. All coverage included Stoves as a UK manufacturer as a key message.

Made in Britain Campaign Ed Miliband EEF 220•    In March 2012 the Stoves campaign inspired Ed Miliband to give a speech to the EEF urging ‘pride and patriotism’ in UK business policy. The speech, right,  praised our campaign as a ‘fantastic new initiative which deserved cross party support.’
•    MP Gavin Williamson heard about the campaign and independently raised a motion in the House of Commons backing the initiative.
•    Stoves’ parent company, Glen Dimplex Home Appliances, won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2012, winning the International Trade category after overseas sales of its British-made products increased by 880% – judges said it “Worked tirelessly to promote UK manufacturing at home and overseas, championing the introduction of a standardised ‘Made in Britain’ marque to highlight British-made products.” Adding that it had “Achieved its success by actively marketing and labelling its cooking appliances as ‘Made in Britain’.”

From a position of being entirely unknown for its British-made products, Stoves is now seen as one of the UK’s key British manufacturers and the brand is indelibly linked to the Made in Britain message.

The campaign has now been handed to an independent steering committee which is operating as an organisation in its own right.

In April 2014, the Deputy Prime Minister, the Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP, below, visited the company as it was revealed the business is to receive a £3m Regional Growth Fund investment (the largest sum to be awarded to a North West business) on the back of the Made in Britain campaign.

Made in Britain Denver Hewlett Nick Clegg

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