Lec: Coco-Cherry-Fudge-Tastic

The Brief

Lec lidTo celebrate the 70th anniversary of British refrigeration brand Lec, our brief was to create an integrated social, PR and experiential campaign to engage with Lec’s existing audience via traditional PR and increase Lec’s reach by utilising new social media platforms.

In order to create buzz and excitement around, our idea was to create a unique, crowdsourced ice cream flavour utilising Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. Our objectives were to:
•    Build up Lec’s social media following and engagement levels across Facebook, Twitter and the newly-created Pinterest account
•    Raise brand awareness of Lec, its core values and its products via traditional PR and social media means
•    Create an experiential spectacle at the BBC Good Food Show Winter

Our Response

Lec is known and trusted for its energy-efficient refrigerators and freezers.  Despite Lec products being well-built, long-lasting and energy-efficient white goods, refrigeration is not the most exciting of sectors to consumers and therefore, we had to think creatively. We wanted to focus not on the product, but the benefits of the product (the sizzle, not the sausage) and so we settled on a product that could be stored in a Lec product – ice cream.

Our idea was to create a unique, crowdsourced ice cream flavour – a food item that most of the nation always has in their freezer. In order to make the most of Lec’s social media platforms, we decided to utilise Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook to create the flavour which would be crowned winner out of over 100 entries and be distributed to 20,000 hungry visitors to the BBC Good Food Show Winter 2012.

We first sought out an artisan ice cream producer – Kent-based Simply Ice Cream, pictured below making the winning ice cream flavour – that would be able to create a custom flavour for us and agreed a list of 70 flavours with them – one flavour for each of the brand’s 70 years.  For PR and social media word-of-mouth value, this included everything from chocolate to chilli and from Guinness to grass.

Making ic cream 440We created a page on Lec’s website dedicated to the competition and uploaded images of the 70 flavours: http://www.lec.co.uk/lecicecream.

We then created a Pinterest board using images taken from the 70 flavours on the Lec website (ensuring that all future pins linked back to Lec’s site).

The competition was then promoted via press release and social media. We targeted Twitter users tweeting about ice cream, asking them to invent their dream flavour, and we utilised the #comp hashtag to encourage entries.

Entrants were asked to pin any four of the 70 flavours on to their own board to create their dream ice cream flavour. Entrants were then asked to tweet their entry using the #LecIceCream hashtag, ensuring that the competition reached more eyes across both social networks.

Hundreds of unique entries were received and Lec and Simply Ice Cream shortlisted ten finalists. These ten were put to a public vote on Lec’s Facebook page – thousands of votes were cast and CocoCherryFudgeTastic, created by Olivia Kirby, was crowned the winner.

The CocoCherryFudgeTastic recipe – a cherry ice cream with coconut flakes and chunks of white chocolate and cherry fudge – was perfected by Simply Ice Cream and the winner visited the factory to make her flavour by hand.

A total of 20,000 pots of Lec-branded CocoCherryFudgeTastic ice cream were produced and handed out for free to visitors at the BBC Good Food Show Winter, creating a brand experiential event from a social media contest. Visitors receiving a free tub of ice cream were asked to tweet their thoughts on the flavour, encouraging a high level of engagement during the Good Food Show.


•    Prior to launching the 70 Years, 70 Flavours campaign, Lec had no presence on Pinterest. During the campaign, Lec gained 94 followers and generated a great amount of traffic to its website

•    The #LecIceCream 70th birthday campaign saw overall social media fans and followers (Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter) increase by several-fold during the campaign period

•    More importantly, engagement levels on all of Lec’s social media channels reached all-time highs

•    The social media campaign achieved more than 20 pieces of branded online and print media coverage

•    We engaged on a one-to-one, personal level with thousands of people at the BBC Good Food Show as we distributed 20,000 free, Lec-branded ice cream pot samples to show visitors (core Lec demographic customers)LEC ice cream cart at BBC Good Food show

•    The #LecIceCream campaign has increased Lec’s social media visibility and revealed it to be a fun, family-friendly brand while raising awareness of its long-standing history

•    Lec is known for producing trustworthy, good value and energy-efficient practical refrigerators and the #LecIceCream campaign has created a personality for the brand

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