Helping the ‘Hand of God’ with social media

Adrian Johnson

July 1st, 2010

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Handball #FAIL

Each month, Communicate magazine poses a crisis management situation from a historical event and asks agencies for modern say solutions. This month it’s World Cup-themed and we’re rewinding back to 1986 and England’s World Cup quarter-final with Argentina and ‘that’ handball incident…

“Diego Maradona scores the decisive goal with a clear hand ball. England are outraged. With video evidence irrefutable, what advice would you give to Diego to protect his brand, retain his commercial endorsements, and calm the diplomatic crisis?”

Umpf’s response (full article here):

Only ‘sorry’, humility, humour and social media can save brand Maradona.

Because of his outrageous behaviour, first must come a personal apology from Maradona to every man, woman and child in England.

We’d film an apology for an online video. Enter a friend’s name, email and their photo, hit send and they receive a link to a bespoke video showing Maradona personally apologising by holding up a photo of the friend. Spreading virally, Maradona would be seen to be offering personal apologies across the land.

Next, the humour. First, a quick commercial tie-up with a Bluetooth headset company so Maradona can go ‘hands-free’ without losing any more friends.

Second, a short online video for brand Maradona showing what would have happened if his handball had not gone in the net. This time Shilton saves it and England go on to win the World Cup. Back home, Argentina revolts and Maradona becomes reviled.

In the final shot of the film we see Maradona, a broken man, begging on the streets of Buenos Aires. The camera zooms out to show Maradona begging with a friend – fellow handball ‘goal thief’ Thierry Henry.

Hosted on Maradona’s YouTube Channel, and launched through his Twitter feed, the video would demonstrate humility, humour and social media savoir-faire.

Communicate Magazine: Hand of God

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2 Responses

  1. Cesar (Argentino) says:

    En 1966 organizaron en Inglaterra la copa del mundo, una copa llena de episodios oscuros… Como la primera vez que se echaba a un jugador del campo de fútbol (Antonio Rattin) precisamente favoreciendo al equipo local (Inglaterra) en un partido de cuartos de final dirigido por Rudolf Kreitlein (Alemania Federal).
    En otro partido también muy polémico, de cuartos de final jugaban Alemania Federal y Uruguay donde el arbitro James Finney (Inglaterra) claramente favoreció a Alemania.. no hace falta ser Einstein para darse cuenta de lo que sucedía. El Arbitro alemán favoreció a Inglaterra y el arbitro ingles favoreció a Alemania… selecciones que jugaron la final de ese mundial en donde gano Inglaterra con un gol donde la pelota nunca entro al arco.
    En síntesis, la moraleja es que todo vuelve. Ganaron un mundial con trampa por el que nunca pidieron disculpas ¿y pretenden que se les pida disculpas a ustedes por una trampa que los dejo afuera en otro mundial?. Ustedes señores ingleses son el colmo… En mi país tenemos un refrán: “a llorar a la iglesia”… sean buenos perdedores y si pretenden una disculpa primero pidan perdón ustedes porque a ladrones no le gana nadie.

    In 1966 England hosted the World Cup, a cup full of dark episodes … Like the first time that a player threw the football field (Antonio Rattin) just favoring the home team (England) in a quarterfinal game led by Rudolf Kreitlein (West Germany).
    In another match also very controversial quarter-final played West Germany and Uruguay where the judge James Finney (England) clearly favored Germany .. it does not take Einstein to realize what was happening. German referee favored England and the English referee favored Germany … played the final selections of the world where England won with a goal where the ball never entered the goal.
    In short, the moral is that everything returns. They won a trick by the world never apologized what they intend to apologize to you for a trap that left off in another world?. You Englishmen are the ultimate … In my country we have a saying: “to mourn the church” … be good losers and if they want an apology first apologize to you because thieves will not win anyone.

    Perdón (pero por la traducción)

  2. Cherry says:

    Thanks for writing such an easy-to-udnretsand article on this topic.

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